Superannuation Advice

We all know the importance of superannuation for our retirement however we can be guilty of neglecting it until we are closer to retirement. By utilising Financial Advice as early as possible, we can help you find the superannuation product most suited to your situation whilst ensuring you have quality investments and where possible save on fees.

Australians pay over $30 billion each year in fees to superannuation companies. Small differences in both investment performance and fees and costs can have a substantial impact on your long term returns. For example, total annual fees and costs of 2% of your account balance rather than 1% could reduce your final return by up to 20% over a 30 year period.

According to the ATO, as at June 2018, approximately 6 million Australians have multiple superannuation accounts which could mean you are paying excess fees and insurance premiums which will eat into your balance. With the help of a Financial Planner, we can do the hard work and find the best fund to for you, tailored to your situation.

Some superannuation health check questions you can ask yourself are:

  • Do you know which fund your superannuation is with?

  • Do you know how your superannuation balance is invested?

  • Do you know how much the fees are and how this compares to other superannuation funds?

  • Do you have insurance attached to your superannuation? 

  • Is this insurance appropriate for your current personal situation?

  • Should you be salary sacrificing to build your balance or offset insurance premiums?

  • Would you like more input into the investments you hold? eg. socially responsible investments

If you can't answer all of these questions with certainty, you should contact us for an obligation free appointment to see how financial planning could assist you in reaching your goals.